Team Powers Setup Stand Kit V2

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Item no.:  TP-HCSST-V2
Handy Car Stand(V2) with Setup Tools (include Ride Height Gauge, 2pcs Droop Gauge Support Block, Droop Gauge, Turnbuckle and Camber Gauge)

* The stand and all tools(except Camber Guage) are made up of Aluminium material.
* Multi-gauges with wing size measurement for 25x40mm(BRCA), 20x40mm(ISTC), and 115mm body height for ISTC.
* Four strategically placed holes on the top of the stand to provide a shocks placement and two holes for gear differential during rebuilds.
* Car stand embedded with Ride Height Gauge, Droop Gauge Support block, Droop Gauge, Turnbuckle and Camber Gauge.

* Total Weight: ~351g

Specifications of each setup tools:
* Ride Height Gauge(3.8~7.5mm with 0.2mm step increment): ~15g
* Droop Gauge Support Block(85x10mm): ~15g
* Droop Gauge(4~6.5mm with 0.5mm step increment) ~18g
* Turnbuckle(3 & 4mm): ~2g
* Camber Gauge (1.5',2',2.5',3'): ~27g